over riding beat control requirements.

• Jan 28, 2023 - 21:21

I can't get my notes and their sustains to line up. The notes and rest values are forcing me to enter 16 notes rather than sustained 8th notes as I want. I'm getting squeezed out of my measure before I can enter all proper note values, Can this function be over ridden so I can enter notes as I want them rather than according to the dictates of the app? In 2/4 time I want four 8th notes as a base. I should be able to enter staggered and syncopated 16th notes as a melody line and after nearly two hours of trying I can't find a way to do it. My guess is that I need to shut off the smart rhythm dictator. I'm scoring for classical guitar.


Which version of MS - 3 or 4? Can you share a score that illustrates your interest? "smart rhythm dictator" - is that a component of MS?

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No. I made it up, but it sure feels right. I'm getting these things to work but I don't know why. I'm arranging Scott Joplin's "Weeping Willow" for guitar and there are a lot of syncopation areas that are driving me nuts. I just finally used a voice three and got a measure to work. With no searchability in the manual Trial and Error seems to be the only solution. I think the program is going to work but so far it's taken me about four hours to get the A section scored out. I've included a section to give you an idea of what I'm doing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. There are even 32nd rests in there that I have no explanation for. I sure didn't put them in there.

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Others may have better comments... Here's what I see with my non-expert eyes. I selected the span of measures 1-4. Blue = voice1, Green=voice2.

m.1 is curious: 3 sixteenths then a quarter, and there's NO sixteenth rest to account for a full 2/4 measure. I dunno on that. The voice1 notes work out.

m.2 & m.3 -- for voice2 works out mathematically correct.

m.4 -- the three voice2 (green) rests works out mathematically for the 2nd half of that measure. WHY MuseScore puts them in as it does, I dunno. If you click on the 32th rest, and click on the quarter note in the note selection above the score, the voice2 rests get merged as seen in the screen cap. At least that looks a bit better. You have to do the SAME thing in the TAB, to merge the voice2 rests.

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Personally, I cleaned up the first measure. Made it more like measure two. guitar.png At this speed you might not need the extra notes. Save the chords for measure 4 where they can be appreciated. easier to write, also.

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