Beaming Bug?

• Jan 30, 2023 - 05:14

I am working in 12/8. Is there a way to set the default to beam 3 eighth notes? I have to go and manually beam and it doesn't work properly. Using measure 1 of the Flute part in the attached test file:

  1. Select the first beat of the measure then click on AUTO in beam properties. It doesn't do anything.
  2. Select the first beat of the measure then click on Break Inner Beams (eighth) and it beams the 3 eighths (2 notes and a rest) properly.
  3. Select the SECOND beat of the measure then click on Break Inner Beams (eighth) again and it beams BOTH beats 1 and 2 together, even though only the second beat is selected.
  4. Select the first note of beat 2 and then click on the break beam left button to correct the problem.

Honestly, the beam properties palette is overly complex. You should be able to select an arbitrary group of notes and click "beam" to beam them together. There should be another "break beams" button to do the opposite, too. Musescore should be smart enough to know how to properly beam the selection based on the standard defaults for the time signature in which you're working.

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It's not clear what the bug you refer to is, but if you give precise to reproduce, someone can check.

It's not a bug that beaming over rests requires you to ask for this notation explicitly, since it isn't standard. it's possible that someday an option will be added to enable it less manually.

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Hi Marc,

Thanks for your reply. In my experience, beaming over rests is pretty standard. I'd say 50/50, so having an option to enable it would be great for the future. How do I officially make this feature request?

1. Open the test file I submitted in the comments above.
2. Flute part: Select beat 1in measure 1.
3. In the beam palette, click JOIN BEAMS.
4. Now select beat 2 in measure 1.
5. Click JOIN BEAMS again.
6. It incorrectly joins the beams in both beat 1 and beat 2.

It should only join beams on the active selection, not the adjacent beats.

Please let me know if you have problems reproducing. I've attached a video for reference.

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The official place to log issues is the GitHib project for MuseScore. That goes for both bugs and suggestions. But, this is already requested a handful of times so I suspect it is already on the radar.

Regarding the steps you provided, that's the correct behavior. Join beams does not mean "take the selected notes, join them together, and break any other beams into or out of this group". It's actually much simpler than simpler than that - no "breaking" is implied whatsoever. Join beams simply means "allow all of the selected notes to be beamed into and out of". In other words, whether you apply "join beams" to the notes one at a time or select a beat a time and apply join beams or apply to the whole measure at a time is immaterial - you are simply setting the "allow beams in & out" property on each note, with the end result being, everything is beamed.

If all you wanted was to extend the beam over the rests, simply set the the join beam property on the rests themselves. In fact, you can set this for all eighth rests at once via right-click / Select / More / Same duration.

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Good to know, thanks. Knowing this, there's still a bug. Sorry! Using the same test file I uploaded earlier, Flute part measure 1:

  1. Select first eighth note.
  2. RIght click > Select More > Same Duration > OK (all the eighth rests are now selected).
  3. Click JOIN BEAMS in the Beams Properties palette.

Beat 1 is beamed incorrectly, Beat 2 is fine.

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Assuming in your step 1 you meant rest, not note, this is not a bug either. Check the beam properties as you navigate through the measure. You'll see the third note is set to break the beam, so that's exactly what it is doing. Probably you were messing with these settings while trying to figure things out, but you should set everything back to Auto now before proceeding.

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