Musescore opens software multiple times

• Jan 30, 2023 - 09:18

After I uploaded Version 4, I have the problem:
When I want to open a second file, Musescore opens the program anew, and not as a second file within the already opened software. I then have two versions of the software running parallel. I should just have one open with two files within it.

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MuseScore 3 had all scores in the same window which forced them all to also use exactly the same set of soundfonts. This was never good, but tolerable when the only sounds available were soundfonts. not that MuseScore support VST instruments and Msue Sounds, it just wouldn't not be practical to force all open scores to use the same sounds. hence, they are now in separate instances so you can have different sounds for different scores.

Not sure what you mean about pop-up windows.

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Thank you Marc for a very qualified answer!
In other software like Word and Excel I am used to being able to have several files open within the same program opening. I now understand there is a reason why Musescore does have this anymore. I don't know if there are any disadvantages, perhaps only that more CPU is used.

Pop-up window is the new window which appears when I i.e. press "save as ...". What is extremely annoying is that the pop-up window's title bar is outside my screen, which means I cannot grab the title bar with my mouse and move the window around.

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Doesn't Word also open separate documents in separate Windows? It's also just a more efficient way of working in most cases.

Looks like you may have accidentally moved your dialog off screen - that's certainly not the normally location for it. Just move it back using the facilities your OS provides (for instance, on Windows, Alt+Space allows you to move windows after you've moved the title bar has been moved offscreen). You can also try View / Restore the default layout, or if that doesn't fix it, Help / Revert to factory settings.

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It seems to me that the problem is not different windows for different scores but rather different instances of the software open for each window/score.
I can see the instances lining up in my dock on the Mac.
I do not use the playback option and may misunderstand their role though.

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As explained above, it would not be very good if all your scores were forced to play using the same sets of sounds. It would be like if all your open documents in Pages or Word had to use the same fonts.

As already noted, It's an unfortunate limitation of macOS that it does not combine these separate icons into a single icon with a list of documents to select from, the way other operating systems do. The development team is investigating workarounds to that limitation.

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