Staggered bowing?

• Feb 1, 2023 - 18:45

I know staggered bowings isn't a crazy important feature, but as someone who writes a lot for high school strings, currently, my only option is to insert a text box with "(v)" and resize it. Would love to see the addition of a properties option that allows for parentheses to be placed around bowings.

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OK. Try this,

  • Add a standard up bow to a note.
  • To the same note add parentheses as staff text with spaces between them to accommodate the bowing mark.
  • Adjust the position and size of the staff text to place the parentheses around the bowing mark.
  • Do the same for a down bow marking.
  • Use the image capture facility in MU3 to save images of the up and bowing markings surrounded by parentheses - specify transparent background and "Save as (Print mode)" options.
  • From the folder where you have saved the images drag them to notes in as score and then CTRL+SHIFT drag them to a pallet.

Unfortunately there is a bug that means the images are incorrectly offset in the pallet and can not be seen. However you can right click where you have dropped them and adjust the offset so that they are visible and also give them a label that will appear when you hover over them. Those images can now be added to the score the same as any other element by selecting a note and clicking on the pallet.

I have attached a score with images attached to notes. You could just add those images to a pallet if they look suitable.


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