Selection of staffs

• Feb 2, 2023 - 17:20

I posted this in the "support and bugs" forum and received no reply. Perhaps I should have posted it in this forum area. I love the feature of Musescore 4 that allows you to select several staves by simply clicking on the empty space of the first staff, holding the shift key, and then simply clicking on the empty space of another staff to select all of the staffs vertically. But, what if you want to leave one staff off? e.g. If you want to select Soprano, alto, tenor and bass, you click on the empty space of "soprano" and the empty space of "bass." All four staves are then selected. But what if you only want to select "soprano," "tenor," and "bass," leaving "tenor" unselected. In many programs, you can use the CONTROL key instead of the SHIFT key and select only the elements you want. Is there a way to do this in Musecore 4. I know you can go into the Mixer and mute the tenor track, but it would be nice if you could simply use the CONTROL key. Am I missing something simple?

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