Multiple slurs between chords

• Feb 2, 2023 - 22:53

In MS3 when there were chords with slurs between multiple noteheads on the cords, entering one slur line and a second usually resulted in two superimposed lines. You could click the line pair and hit x and you would separate the lines on up and one down. If you had multiple lines, you could also select a line and drag it off the superimposed set. So you could get three and even four lines if necessary and if there was also a tie, it would fit in. In MS4 I cannot get multiple slur lines. Adding a second just does not show up using either the slur in the menu bar or clicking on the slur in the palettes after selecting notes. I just get a single slur line. Only thing that worked was to highlight a slur and do copy/paste. Certainly this is not the only way so what am I doing incorrectly? Also slurs, and other lines, hairpins etc used to be set by selecting the start note and CTRL on the end note/rest +1. The line would then be placed from selected not to whatever came before the note indicated with CTRL. This no longer seems to work and lines extend to include the one selected with CTRL.

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