Uninstalled sforzando, option still shows up

• Feb 3, 2023 - 02:34

I uninstalled sforzando from my computer a while ago since I no longer needed it for Musescore 4. However, the option to use it still shows up in the mixer.
Screenshot 2023-02-02 213020.png
Attempting to use it simply throws up an error asking to reinstall the program.
Screenshot 2023-02-02 213135.png
I believed that uninstalling it through Control Panel would remove it completely, but seemingly not, is there any way that I can remove this program entirely, or at least hide the option from Musescore? I've tried reinstalling both Musescore and sforzando, but this hasn't worked.


Solved! Thanks to jeetee suggestion:

"On Windows I've located %LOCALAPPDATA%\MuseScore\MuseScore4\vst which seems to hold a json metadata file for each vst it found. Try removing the relevant json file from there and if that helps.

Perhaps we can then create an issue for MuseScore to clean up such a file if it no longer can find the file set in the "path" inside the json."

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