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• Feb 3, 2023 - 03:05

I've been working with a file for days that is now corrupted. It won't even open now.

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A mscz-file is a zipped file.
I tried to open it using 7-zip, but this is not possible. It is not a valid zip file.
I opened it with a hex editor and found only about 40 kByte zeros!

So I'm sorry, this file is totally damaged and cannot be repaired! Try to find a backup on your computer.

Normally there should be a hidden folder named '.mscbackup' in your working folder containing an also hidden backup file with the name '.Don't stop me now Draft(1).mscz,'.
Remove the dot at the beginning and the comma at the end and try to open it.

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I just wanted to make clear why I am sure that this file is broken.
Already opening it with z-zip brought an error message and curiosity made me reach for the HEX editor.
Even opening it in Notepad++ shows only 'NUL'.
Admittedly, both tools are not necessarily in use by people who are into writing music.

My procedure in such cases:

  • I try to open the file with a zip tool. If it works, then you can use the *.mscx file, if necessary read in MS 3.6.2, which names some problems better.

  • if this does not work, then the file is completely broken.

  • the way with the HEX-Editor was only a 'nice-to-have'.

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In Windows OS these files and folders are normally invisible. You have to activate the checkbox "Show hidden folders, files and drives" in the folder options.
In a German version (Win7) you can find it here: "Extras / Ordneroptionen / Ansicht / Ausgeblendete Dateien, Ordner und Laufwerke anzeigen"
I am not sure about the exact translation in an English version of the OS.

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You can also attach the backup file here for further investigation.

But if you did it right and it could not be opened by 7-zip, then your backup file is also totally broken. I am sorry that I have to say this.

My recommendation: For now, still use version 3.6.2 if you want to work it seriously. You can have both versions installed side by side.
You can also open the files from version 3 now or later in version 4 and then continue working there.

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Thank you for your advice. I really should've manually backed up the file considering I knew I was using MuseScore 4. I'll attach the file but I'm pretty sure it's done for. This was just for a fun project and it's not the end of the world. Thank you for helping me.

Edit: This file is the backup file just with the ~ removed. The website wouldn’t allows me to upload the file with the ~

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.Don't stop me now Draft(1).mscz 39.29 KB

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