Crashing on one specific location in one score

• Feb 3, 2023 - 03:13

Hi, I am a composition student and professional, and I have a fairly large piece (26ish pages) for a quartet of oboe, piano, violin, and viola that I absolutely need to export the audio of, yet not only does it crash when I try to export it, but there is one specific set of 4 or so measures that when played crashes the application consistently. I have made a copy of the file, deleted and re pasted the section, etc. but it still crashes. I need to find a solution so I can present this specifically commissioned piece- any suggestions?

note- I don't think just copy and pasting the whole thing into a new score will be a viable option. there is lots of customized formatting and the application stalls out when I try to do this because of how long/dense the piece is.


update: reverting sounds to MS Basic stopped the issue, but it also just sounds horrible lol... hopefully there's a solution so I can export using musesounds as I had tailored dynamics/staccato markings to shape strings in musesounds

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