A tie won't play

• Feb 3, 2023 - 22:02
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In the song "Fog", I try to connect to notes via a tie for the guitar, using the method in the manual
(as seen here: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/4/entering-notes-and-rests#ties )
The notes are not playing as one connected, but seperate notes.
However, the song "Regret", where I did the same with a voice note, it worked. (Skip to the end to see it)

Is there any way to fix this issue?

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I have had the same issue since updating to Musescore 4. In my example score it's on measure 41. I tested the same part with other instruments in my score (piano and bass guitar, from measure 51 onwards) which played the tie with no issue. If I change the instrument (via the tool in the text section) to acoustic guitar (measure 59) the issue persists, though if I add an acoustic guitar to the score as a new instrument it plays the part flawlessly (measure 63).

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I also have the same issue - ties on normal electric guitar work, but when changed to distortion or overdrive they no longer play and instead sound like two separate notes

I have also a similar problem, sometimes it's ties, sometimes it doesn't.
Maybe the playback doesn't recognize a tie in certain areas? I don't know.

No, it's not that. It'll take too long to explain…
However, the Issue Tracker on MuseScore is important: it's a good way to document errors, determine if they are important enough to go on GitHub, and, if so, then send them to GitHub.
Speak to someone about it: we need to make it more visible on the entrance to the website. That way people will notice it's there, and report any bugs they find on it.
New MuseScore users are likely to not know about the GitHub documentation, so an easy-to-access page on the website will help with bug documentation.
It's an idea, anyway.
Do you know who is in charge of the website design? If we do go ahead with bug reporting page on the homepage, I have some other suggestion I would like to make.
Anyway, enough nattering on from me. Let me know what you think.