Playback of hairpin without trailing dynamic

• Feb 4, 2023 - 19:51

While I add new measures to a score in MS4 I find that there are hairpins (decrescendo) without any following dynamic change following as not yet added. I have noticed that if I playback, their is a decrease in the velocity as if the hairpin was responding to a dynamic of lower velocity that isn't there or the hairpin has a non-zero velocity change which can not be examined in MS4 as that feature is not yet implemented. I don't recall this behavior in MS3 where the default hairpin settings actually changed dynamics unless surround by dynamic markings. Is the playback functioning as expected? In earlier versions if I had a series of hairpins without intermediate markings I would need to implement velocity change or insert a hidden dynamic to get increasing/decreasing velocities on playback. So in version 4, is there an implicit change if there are no markings.


And sometimes playback will get louder coming into a louder dynamic marking all by itself. And softer into a softer mark. Neither of which is correct.
As for hairpins, it is always safer to put the desired dynamic mark at the end of the hairpin. And possibly more correct.

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Many scores I have entered are not explicitly marked by the composer. I guess the intent is that the performer would be at liberty to increase/decrease based upon their interpretation of the music or if you follow say a recording you can transcribe what you here. Other than that, you need to place hidden marks or use velocity increase/decrease which is not yet in MS4.

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Dynamic markings have always been subject to the whim, as it were, of the performer. As is tempo. As is, on occasion, orchestration. I have one recording of a piece that is slow and loud. And another recording of the same piece that is light and lively.
For the purpose of playback markings need to be there, and it never wrong to have them show. If the score is intended for play by real players, that's one thing. Leave out or hide whatever. For me, I would think it would help demonstrate the transcribers understanding of the music if there weren't hidden markings.
That's probably just me. though. I write for playback.

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