4.0 crashed. New install won't launch.

• Feb 6, 2023 - 02:54

I installed 4.0 a few weeks ago. I like it. The sound drags and sputters unless the mixer is open. Then it seems to play okay.

I was playing a piece with the mixer closed, it was sputtering, but only for a few bars. Then it crashed.

I uninstalled 4.0 and also uninstalled a 3.0 that was still there. Then I downloaded a new copy of 4.0. It goes through the installation process, but it won't launch.

I searched my directory and removed all references to MuseScore, then downloaded 4.0 without MuseHub again. I also tried installing from MuseHub, but it failed to launch there either.

I really appreciate all you wizards. I'm stumped! And I'm missing my MuseScore time. <3


Is this on a Windows system? When it crashed, how did do so? When the new copy of MS4 is launched, how does it not launch? Any error messages? What references to MS did you remove, from what directories?

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I'm on Windows 10 with hard drive. A SSD should be here next week.

The score was playing and sputtering, then everything closed. I tried to reboot. The blue MuseScore screen comes up for a few seconds, then closes without launching.

Uninstalled Versions 3 and 4.

Downloaded MuseScore without MuseHub. Save Windows Installer Package to Downloads. Open Installer. Completes process, but blue screen doesn't open to program.

Repeat everything, and choose repair. Completes process, but blue screen doesn't open to program.

No error messages anywhere.

I uninstalled from the Start menu.
It doesn't show in Apps and Features of Microsoft settings.
It doesn't show any files in This Computer directory.
Delete installation package from Downloads
Executable file warning.
Microsoft warning.
Run MuseScore.
Blue screen, the Fail to Launch.

I checked my HD for bad spots. There aren't any. And I checked for defrag. Only 1%

Repeat install as Repair. Blue screen fails to launch.

Is someone around that can remote into my computer. I'd be glad to follow instructions. Just stumped right now.

Thanks for everything! <3

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A standard procedure to run on Windows is sfc /scannow. Google how to run it from an Admin command prompt. It looks for and fixes bad Windows files. Worth a shot. A good registry cleaner might help, too. I do both every now and then. Good to do before you copy over to the SSD. An SSD made all the difference on how well my old laptop works in general.

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Thanks, bobjp. My geek son got MuseScore installed on my cold computer this morning. He told me not to go looking for trouble trying to figure out yesterday. He said to just use MuseScore until the SSD gets here in a few days. I have lots of questions, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Thanks again! <3

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Thanks for the comprehensive troubleshooting history. If AT ALL possible, before anybody "remotes into" your system, if you could connect with a local geek to help in-person?

The two lines that stand out IMO are "Executable file warning." and "Microsoft warning." Can you recall what those were?

I concur with @bobjp about a registry cleaner. It's been ages since I had my hands on a Windows system, so I don't recall much about that. Another thing might possibly be creating a new user, signing out of your standard user account, getting into the new (test) user, trying an install again. That new user approach would definitely be after any registry analysis.

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Thanks, Are Jayem. My geek son got MuseScore installed on my cold computer this morning. He told me not to go looking for trouble trying to figure out yesterday. He said to just use MuseScore until the SSD gets here in a few days. I have lots of questions, but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I tossed and turned all night. My son say my laptop may have been overheated after twelve hours. I wondered if I downloaded a bug.

When I saved MuseScore to downloads, I noticed the download arrow in the menu bar across the top of the screen was still highlighted. I clicked on it too. I'm not a geek. I push buttons and see what happens.

When I opened Downloads, MuseScore was there, and there was another strip of code above it. I don't know what it was. I clicked on MuseScore, and "Executable file warning" came up. I had never seen it before, but thought it was something to do with MuseScore and let it run. When it was finished, the Microsoft Store with it's Microsoft warning that this wasn't a Microsoft product came up and suggested I look for a different application in their store. I've seen that one a lot. I accepted the risk and installed MuseScore anyway.

I installed and deleted MuseScore several times before I gave up. I even emptied my recycle bin. I don't think my File Explorer is working right, but my son told me not to try to recreate the problem. The SSD has shipped and will be here in a few days.

As much as I want to know about all the odd things that are going on, I'm going to take his advice and "let sleeping dogs lie." I don't need to know everything. I need to get my music project finished and zipped, then back to the Distributed Proofreaders postprocessor.

Thanks for everything. It's good to have someone listen to my scrambled brain. You're the BEST! <3

I tried to run 4.0 on Windows 11. It never starts. It just flashes the intro screen, and then nothing happens. I downloaded 4.01, installed it, and tried again. Just like 4.0, it won't event start. It just disappears after it flashes the intro screen. I'm gonna reinstall the prior version. In don't know why 4.01 won't run so I don't know how to troubleshoot.

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Aha! Just like me on Windows 10 yesterday. We all got a good night's rest, and MuseScore sweetly installed for my geek son this morning. I've been on it all day.

In your download menu, is there an extra piece of code above the MuseScore install? There was one on mine. I don't know what my son saw this morning, but I'll behave myself and not try to recreate it so I can crash everything again. He successfully installed from MuseHub.

My question was, "Where did that extra code come from," and "Was it causing MuseScore to not install?"

Food for thought for smarter minds than mine. I was only successful in crashing everything.

Best wishes, rcbjr2. I'm sure it's been a frustrating day. <3

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