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• Feb 7, 2023 - 13:57

Within a day or two of having downloaded MS4 a few days after it was released, it locked up my computer to the point that I had to restore it it to an earlier date. I would like to download it again hoping that it was a fluke. Has anyone experienced a similar occurrence or some other bugs serious enough to not to download the program just yet and wait a couple of months more?


I have MS4 on 4 computers without having that kind of issue. Please describe in a bit more detail what happened. Including what OS and general computer specs.

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Thank you for your timely response. It is a Windows 10 system, Intel i7, 16 gig RAM, 512 gig M.2 hard drive. After downloading MS4, I opened an MS3.6 file and it initially worked OK. then in the middle of my learning it, I do not remember exactly what that was, the computer froze. No keyboard, no mouse. Had to turn it off manually. after restarting it, It was still "frozen" After a couple of times of turning it on and off with the button, I was somehow able to get to the restore function and revert it to a previous date when all systems worked.
I then uninstalled MS4. Everything the went back to normal with MS3.6, how ever one of the desktop folders that contained MS3.6 files had the icon changed to the purple ish color and remains so until today event though MS4 was uninstalled. I am unable to change that icon back to the old blue color but otherwise everything works as usual. I am not a savvy enough user to mess with the registry to remove all references to MS4. The Laptop is about 2 years old with no previous problems whatsoever ... until I down loaded MS4.

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Indeed MS4 has a nasty habit of changing MS3 files. The only way around it would have been to copy MS3 files to the MS4 scores folder. Then your MS3 files in the MS3 scores folder would still be associated with MS3. But nobody tell you that before hand.
Now you have two things to figure out.
1. Get your MS3 MS3 files.
2. Get MS4 to work on your computer.

  1. a. You can download 7-Zip. Use it to extract your MS4 file. One of the results is a mscx file that will open in MS3 (after you ignore the error). Or...
    b. If MS$ was working, you could export the file from it as an mxl that can be opened in MS3.

  2. Your computer is fine for running MS4. But uninstalling it does not get rid of everything. Especially some things in hidden folders. If I were you, here is what I would do. And have done.

Use the search function to pull up anything left of the MuseScore4 instillation. Delete anything that isn't you scores folder in MS3. For example, search for "musescore4".

The fact that MS4 froze your computer suggests that something might be a tad off on your system.
To address that possibility, right click the start button (lower left on the desktop taskbar) and select Command Prompt (Admin). If it says PowerShell instead, Right click on the taskbar and change powershell in settings. At the prompt in Command Prompt, type "sfc /scannow" without the quotes and don't forget the space after sfc. The check for bad operating system files and replaces them with good ones. If all files are OK, you will be told.
I would run a good registry cleaner. Ccleaner or Glarys.

If you recovered your files using the 7-Zip method, you then have to decide if it is worth it to try MS4 again. I think it is, but that's me.

Good luck.

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All the mscz files in my MS3 scores folder have had their association changed to MS4. I.E. they have the MS4 icon. I did nothing to make that happen. If I double click on one of them, It will open in MS4. I only opened one or two of them in MS4. And did not save them back to the MS3 scores folder. Interesting that if I right click and select open with MS3, they will open in MS3. Which can't be done with true MS4 files.

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I didn't ask that right. If I repair MS3, it then becomes the last version installed. You said when MS4 was the last version installed, that's what changed the icons in the MS3 scores folder. So if I repair MS3 does that change the icons in the MS4 scores folder? Academic for me because I don't have that much use for MS3 any more. Just curious, mostly.

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Having just written that, I thought some more and I think you can change the icon for individual files if you really want. And perhaps there is some way of doing that in bulk. But if your .mscz files are set to open with MS3 then they will continue to do so no matter what icon you set for an individual .mscz file. You would end up with files that have the MS4 icon opening with MS3 which would be rather confusing. Also, I don't think the icon setting would survive a save as or probably even a save on top. I can't work up any enthusiasm to experiment with that though.

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I only mention it because we now have many people who tried MS4, and either deleted it or aren't using it any more. Now ALL their files have the MS4 icon. With no way to tell which is which. If a file was an MS3 file, they can still open it in MS3 but have to go through the process of right click and select MS3. Even if they "save as" and MS3 file, as long as they still have MS4 installed, their file is still saved with the MS4 icon. And won't open in MS3 without going through the right click option. I don't know what happens if they have deleted MS4. I also can't work up the enthusiasm to experiment.

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The same difficulty arose when MS3 superseded MS3. It was a pain but eventually the population of MS3 scores far outnumbered MS2 scores, particularly scores that were "active" as the benefits of MS3's engraving improvements made it worthwhile suffering the pain to migrate MS2 scores to MS3. I guess the same will happen eventually for the MS3->MS4 transition.

During the transition It should be quite clear to a user if they (or their OS) tries to open a MS3 score with MS4 or vice versa.

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Thank you bobjp for your help and suggestions. Just to clarify ... I have a desktop folder where I keep ALL my MS3 files and I have multiple copies thereof in a fireproof safe. (So no worries even if I were to corrupt or damage an MS3 file).
After having installed MS4, I opened one of the MS3 files from my MS3 folder, for a "test drive" ... planning to do a "save as", to the desktop, of the file now converted to MS4 format for further practice. For a short while all was well. Suddenly the program froze as did my lap top, along with my wireless keyboard and mouse. I could not do anything other than turn off my computer with the physical on/ off button. I had to do that a couple of times and the mouse and keyboard stated working again. I then reverted my computer to a previous date and deleted the "save as" MS4 file from my desktop. I am assuming that once reverted to a previous date, this action also deletes/uninstalls the MS4 program Including the registry and everywhere else in the quagmire of files not seen by the user ??? Please correct me.
My MS3 folder now has the new MS4 icon, but since I can open the files with MS3 ... so no problem there.
I plan to install the MS4 today and give it another shot.

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I have had no problems opening score files from Mu3 on Mu4, but I have wondered about this. I continue to work, for the time being, in Mu3.6.2, as it has more familiarity and fewer bugs. But I will then open them in Mu4 to see how they will look there. I had already considered the notion of saving scores that I work on in Mu4 as separate files, just in case--i.e. If I open "prettyprettynicenicemusik.mscz," which I've written in Mu3.6.2, in Mu4, when closing it I choose "save as . . ."prettyprettynicenicemusik4.mscz." This conversation has made me even more convinced it is a good idea.

How do other files, such as saved style files, transfer back and forth?

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