Importing midi file from Magix Music Maker into Musescore 3 and 4

• Feb 7, 2023 - 15:09

I have exported a single note scale on one track from Music Maker (from midi editor screen) as a midi file. When loading it into music maker an error message says "MIDI LOAD. Load failed :bad midifile: unexpected EOF" . Using Musescore 4 the system may then crash.
The midi file from this DAW reloads into the DAW ok and extension is shown as midi file in "properties". Midi files exported from my Yamaha keyboard load into both versions of Musescore without a hitch. Is there anything I can do to for musescare to accept a single track melody (no chords) midi file from my Magix Music Maker DAW. Thank you. TestMusicMakerMidiFile.mid

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