What to do when { won't decrease stretch

• Feb 7, 2023 - 18:55

Attached is my score made with v4.

I want to reduce the stretch in the individual parts e.g. Tenor Sax to get the chart to fit on one page (for iPad viewing). The solo changes can be 8 bars per line. I can't get the stretch to reduce.

Solo changes.jpg

I've played with Format > Style > Measure: Min Measure width and Min Note distance. So far, no luck. Any pointers?


Been using Musescore since v1. Wow, great job on this product!


Maybe use the 'Repeat last measure' and the 'Repeat last two measures' from the 'Repeats & jumps' palette. If necessary, click on 'More' in the palette to access the 'Repeat last two measures' symbol.

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