Future sound libraries for MuseScore?

• Feb 9, 2023 - 04:03

In Staffpad (which is co-owned by Muse group and Muse group owns MuseScore) we are offered many versions of a sound library with the purchase of Staffpad (most notably Cinesamples 🙅‍♂️, Berlin series 🔥, Spitfire symphony 🗑️). Will MuseScore transfer any of these sounds libraries from staffpad to MuseScore in the future??? 🤔 (I’m really hoping for Berlin series ❤️❤️❤️). I think this would give MuseScore more freedom for sound design in addition to notation, although this would make little sense since that would be offering paid content to a free app.


I must admit: When I read that MuseScore had purchased Staffpad, I was pretty excited, imagining that some mysterious benefactor or foundation had enabled MS to add tablet-entered notation to its already formidable capabilities. MuseScore itself was free, right? So this had to mean that Staffpad was free now, too! Nobody was saying anything to the contrary, at least.

Alas—it just means you can buy it from the same interface.

I know MS must make money to keep operating. With the release of MS4, it's obvious a ton of time and work continues to go into it. So offering memberships with extra online content, encouraging volunteer help, and accepting donations make complete sense.

But I don't understand the philosophical implications of marketing paid software right next to free software—especially a project like MS, which has always positioned itself as THE freely available alternative to expensive retail notation systems.

I always assumed MS was driven by people with a deep belief in software access for everyone—like the passion behind Linux, Python, and the open-source movement in general. And that it would be antithetical to this belief to sell retail music software—no matter how good—right next to it. Is it possible that it's ultimately profit-driven after all? Maybe I'm missing something.

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