Audio desync over long scores between muse/sf2 audio

• Feb 10, 2023 - 05:35
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S4 - Minor

Over a long enough score audio from instruments using muse sounds and instruments using sounds from sf2 are diverging for some reason, with the sf2 sounds falling behind to increasingly large gaps. With my current score after 30 minutes some sounds (the glockenspiel in particular) have fallen behind by at least a full sixteenth note.
Also because of the fact that I'm using primarily sf2 sounds for percussion, the entire timing of any part with percussion gets thrown off after a certain point, about halfway through the score.
I have absolutely no idea what's causing this, but nothing really seems to fix it other than changing the instrument, which resets the fallback, although this doesn't generally work for percussion, which needs a fix most, because each instrument uses a different set of midi notes for their sounds.

It doesn't look like I can insert the exported audio here, so to see how it affects my score you'll have to export it yourself; it only seems to take effect over the full course of the score, and if you play it at a later point it won't start desynced.

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I remembered I can share the audio this way. This is the current export audio from it.
Points of note for the issue are:
9:50. The drumset (and bass, although it's harder to hear) are slightly behind here. This is a smaller occurance
15:25. The bass here falls very noticeably behind
15:55. This is one of the most noticeable points. The toms are far enough behind it doesn't even really sound like they're playing on 2 and 4 like they should be
20:42. The bass and drumset are behind noticeably again here. The violin is a good indication of where it should be.
23:45. This is an example of how changing the sound seems to work for some reason. The drumset in this section is aligned properly, although it's also a different drumset instrument entirely, so the drift seems to happen during notes that are being played, not over sections where it doesn't play at all.
29:00. The glockenspiel in the back here is again pretty far behind. Harp is an indication of where it should be. Also shortly after this the piano is behind, although I'm not sure why there. The piano is a separate vst.
29:50. Again one of the most noticeable points where it happens. Glockenspiel and harp are way off each other.…