Musescore 4 Major Audio Issue

• Feb 13, 2023 - 01:27

Hello, I have been using Musescore for more than two years. I was excited for Musescore 4. Musescore 4 was working for a few weeks for me. Despite with every note I inputted, the audio would lag and stutter. However this lagging and stuttering seem to have spread and now I cannot play a score without the audio lagging and stuttering. It is like if a youtube video was put into 0.5x speed. I have deleted musescore and redownload it twice and nothing seems to have changed. I have tried messing with some settings to see if it is something with the setting, but nothing changed. What do I do now? Do I just have a bad computer?


Your computer is probably fine. Although the suggested specs are a bit up there.
First try running with the Mixer open.
Try ALL, not just some, of the settings here.
Raise the buffer to 4096.
I've had to hook up an audio interface as the final piece of the puzzle.

I've followed all the instructions to increase the I/O buffer etc. but the ONLY thing I've found that actually WORKS is to open the mixer and then perform playback. With the mixer open, it plays back much, much better than before. Presumably, since this is a major bug, the Musescore team will sort it, but in the meantime, try using the mixer when playing back your score.

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