Creating Muse Sounds

• Feb 13, 2023 - 15:26

Some instruments in muse sounds sound very realistic. Thank you for that. But sometimes we have instruments in other formats that we want to use and they can't be contained in sf2. For example, an instrument in sfz, vst, etc, may have articulation changes and other parameters that don't exist in sf2. Many of those formats are used in proprietary software but the developers provide means for users to create their own customized instruments. The developers sell high quality instruments, plugins and software while the users create and share or sell their customized ones without drifting away from that software.
Now that muse sounds is the format for instruments in Musescore, please, provide us with ways to create and convert our custom instruments to use in it.


The spec is intended to be published in the coming months, so it should indeed eventually be possible for third parties to use this interface, I don't think anyone quite knows what that will look like, but rest assured, it's being considered.

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