How to Write TTBB music

• Feb 17, 2023 - 04:43

I mostly write songs and arrangements for male quartets (TTBB version) and I'm frustrated in trying to write the harmony parts and fill in the lyrics. Is there a guide to help me?


  1. Use a template score. In MS3 there is a template for a male quartet which you can open with:
    File > New > Next > Choral > Barbershop Quartet (Men)

  2. Learn about Voices, so that you can input Tenor 1 and Tenor 2 on the same stave:
    MS3 Handbook:

  3. Learn about Lyrics so that you understand how to attach lyrics to Voice 1 or Voice 2 (and how to place the lyrics above and below the stave respectively):
    MS3 Handbook:

  4. Learn about Staff properties so that you can rename the "Instrument long name" and the "Instrument short name" to match the various tenor and bass parts:
    MS3 Handbook:

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