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• Feb 17, 2023 - 20:27

Hi. I've been using Musescore 4 with muse sounds on windows. I've put 4 on my Linux machine but can't find the new fonts. Are they available for Linux? Thanks.

edit: OK found it! Thanks


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When I installed musescore 4 on windows the hub kind of came with it. With linux I had to download it separately. It put the files in srv/muse-hub but my musescore can't find that. My file manage finds it but the 'add folder' in soundfonts can't see it. I doubt that's the problem. On windows soundfonts has nothing to do with musesounds. I think my 'folders' file is missing stuff:

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Soundfonts are sf2/sf3 fonts, nothing to do with MuseSounds.
You should start with checking if the musesampler library is installed.
Menu: Diagnotics - Muse Sampler - Check Muse Sampler.
If nothing detected, probably you don't have /usr/lib/
If you have the muse-hub.service running, you probably can find it in

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I downloaded the appimage version and once I worked out (googled) how to turn it into an executable file it was fine. Basically there are some musescore 3 masquerading as 4 out there. Thanks so much folks.

Interestingly this version: is standalone? I have to open the download file each time (MuseScore- to use it.

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