Note entry problems Visual interface trouble

• Sep 26, 2014 - 06:44

Note entry visual feedback of estimated location of entry while entering does not work at times and requires restart to fix it which does not work always.

Also the selected note type does not show over the staff upon trying to enter new note.

The play button icon, note selected icon do not seem to be pressed showing no currently selected note value or even. Altough change in note works in entering notes it is not show what note is currently selected via the icons representation.

At times the icons seem to be stuck and even pressing play does nothing.

Also upon play the blue bar to show current location of music being played is often not shown. Or it just stays on the extreme right even though playback of notes is on.

Lubuntu 14.04
MuseScore Version 2.0.0; Build bdbaf5a


It is indeed a bug that when you first enter note input mode, the duration toolbar does not update. If it was empty before pressing "N", it remains empty. If it is showing whole note or eighth note or whatever, it remains showing that. As soon as you enter a note, it starts working correctly though.

Note that while in note input mode, the icon is not supposed to show the duration of the *current* note - it's supposed to show the duration of the *next* note. That is, it is supposed to "stick" until you change.

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