Corrupted Score keeps crashing - part score related?

• Feb 26, 2023 - 04:25
Reported version
S4 - Minor

I have an orchestral score that keeps crashing as I continue trying to work on it. While the score was initially created in MuseScore 3.x, I have been working on it successfully in 4.x successfully for some time now, and I'm not convinced that this is the problem.

The problem seems to have started sometime shortly after I created a separate part score for the piano. Though this could be a red herring, I think the part score must have somehow become unsynced from the main score causing these crashes. Copy & paste are the worst culprits, and for this size of project, it is unreasonable to not be copying & pasting, thus I would not consider retyping measures a workaround. I am unable to attempt to open/repair the file with MuseScore 3 as MS3 is not compatible with my machine.

The corruption repair plugin is unable to detect a problem. I attempted to open up the contents of the .mscz file to analyze the code, but I am not familiar enough with the MuseScore syntax to address this issue.
I know that part scores have been common culprits in prior versions of MuseScore, and in the past such errors have been fixed by simply deleting all of the part scores. However, with some of the new changes in MuseScore 4, I do not seem to be able to delete a part score, only close it.

I am currently not able to work on this project at all because the crashes have become too frequent. Unfortunately I am unable to post the full score here, but if there is a place where I might share it privately with a developer to analyze, I can do that.


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Hi Jojo-Schmitz, thanks for your message. Like I said in my post, this is a project that I'm unable to simply post online at this moment, but am happy to share privately.

And yes, I've seen the same link you've sent, but repair assist did not work, and Musescore 3 will not run on my machine.

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I'm not sure why it won't run, but I have it installed, but every time I try to run MS3 or open a score, it doesn't ever seem to actually load the program. It doesn't freeze up my computer, it just doesn't seem to actually do anything.

I never bothered to report this issue because I'm on an M1 Mac, and I heard that MS3 wouldn't be receiving any new updates. I haven't experienced any compatibility issues with MS4.

Severity S2 - Critical S4 - Minor
Workaround No Yes

Another update- I was able to resolve the problem in MuseScore 4 through carefully deleting the instrument that had a part score created and copying its data onto a new instrument. It was a bit finicky and only seemed to work when done in a certain order, but I tried so many things that I'm not sure what that order was.

I've now spent about an hour or so working on this score, and since deleting the bad instrument, it has not crashed once. So while this specific issue is resolved, it probably means that MS4 needs some work in order to make sure that part scores don't cause problems. I can still (privately) share the corrupted score with a developer if someone wants to investigate the bug I encountered.

Not sure what to set the status of this post. I would appreciate it if someone with more authority could update that accordingly. Thank you.