Position of playback start faulty

• Sep 26, 2014 - 10:50

In Musescore 1.3 i playback from a particular measure by first stopping playback, then clicking on the bar that i would want to playback from and then pressing play button correctly starts playback from the selected measure.

In Musescore 2.0 however this only happens sometimes even if i stop playback and then select a measure and press playback again. It usually starts playing from the beginning of the score although a measure was selected and play pressed thereafter.


selecting a measure is not sufficient, to get play back to start at a certain position you need to select the corresponding note/rest.
In 1.x the playback started at the selected measure, but not at the 1st note/rest of it, rather at the last note/rest of that measure, not what't I'd expect.
If 2.0 were to behave similar, then it should start playback at the 1st note/rest of the selected measure. Se #34581: playback does not start at selected measure, which I've open just now

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