playback does not start at selected measure

• Sep 26, 2014 - 11:40
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

in 1.x playback stared at the last note/rest of the selected measure
2.0 continues at the last position instead

desired behavoir:
playback should start at the 1st note/test of the selected measure

c15c7f3, Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit, but also reported on Linux.


category: idea/suggestion v2.0 beta
yes i was initially thinking that playback was not starting from 'where i told it to'. Naturally we users dive in and click a Bar. I have since read that we just need to click a note and that works fine. but i offer the idea that the if a User has omitted to highlight an individual note, but has a measure Bar selected, then Play Back could start from the beginning of that bar.

I don't recall playback starting at the first note of a selected measure in 1.3 or 2.0, but +1 for this as a feature request. It is sometimes easier to select a whole measure than a specific note and you won't get that annoying error message about a note not being selected when you try to play the score.

Yay! :D

I've tested it, working great and... I think another issue could be tackled from here.

Can we have a key modifier (Ctrl + spacebar or something) to make the playback start (after being paused) from that same bar that had been selected?

It's like Play - Pause - Resume (what we have now) vs Play - Stop - Resume from the starting point.

In theory (my theory hehe) and looking at the following, I think this would be just a line or two without the need for major changes.

if (_selection.startSegment())
+ setPlayPos(_selection.startSegment()->tick());

Well... just found a workaround for this.

By selecting a note in note input mode, the note gets "grabbed" as the place to start playback from. Not a very elegant solution, specially since now we can just select the bar to play from but... it works :)