Can't create a bug report (Create new Issue)

• Mar 1, 2023 - 17:33

I was trying to create a bug report, but when I click "Create New Issue" on the website it takes me to my user profile.


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I think that in this context it is a Discord account you need rather than a Github account.
For those who cannot access the Discord post, here is the text:

Tantacrul — Yesterday at 3:44 PM
Hello, again @everyone

We have made a few nice changes to our GitHub bug reporting.

  1. We now require the following information: OS version and whether or not the issue is a regression
  2. Labels get added automatically
  3. Issues get assigned to projects (if appropriate)
  4. Staff members get assigned to issues that fall within their area of responsibility

This will help us a lot with issue triage - a large source of time drain during 4.0.0 development

The next step now is to close the issue tracker on We want to keep this visible to certain people with permissions but closed off to the general public. This is to avoid the perception that 'nothing is being done'. We will finally have just one place for issues.

The final step of our reorganisation is to make some changes to our forum so we can better handle issues that get logged there.

There is an argument for potentially porting our forum to a separate (more modern) service - although we won't be attacking that right away.

MuseScore team

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