Adding Takadimi Plugins

• Mar 2, 2023 - 01:20

I downloaded the extention for the Takadimi Plugins. How do I open it? I did went under the plugins but it was not there.

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Takadimi is below the stave for notes in voice 2, (and above for voice 1), but it would be easy to add an option to swap these. The offset parameters let you control how far below, (or above).


As for a picture: I meant a picture to show me what "on the side" of notes would look like. You could manually move some of the Takadimi texts and take a screenshot to give me a better idea.

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Exactly so. All the main beats of a measure are, "Ta". Syllables are assigned based on a note's position in the measure, not based on note length, and this is what makes Takadimi so useful for counting rhythm.

I have made a MuseScore score of the official Takadimi document referenced above which demonstrates all the rules:

It would be possible to position the text inside the note heads if they were made large enough but this option will have to wait on my "To Do" for some available time, (or for someone else to add the code to the plugin).

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Best way is for you to run and it then either:

(1) Select all the texts and give them a small X-offset in the inspector
(2) Mod the plugin to apply an X-offset and re-run it.

Once you've got it working to your requirements you can apply it to full scores.

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