Can't get Voice 3 to cooperate

• Mar 4, 2023 - 18:42

I'm attempting to set a moderately difficult piano measure, which I think needs three voices. The first upload is the original handwritten MS, and the second the typeset measure as far as I've come. In the typeset measure, the lower chord in the bass line (Bb-Eb-A) is Voice 2; the orange chord is Voice 3; everything else is Voice 1. The notes I'm not able to input are the triplet in the treble clef (3rd beat). When I try to add to Voice 3, the note won't appear as the third beat but attaches itself to the first chord in the treble clef, and I don't understand why the Voice 3 half-note chord is being ignored. How can I fix this, please? Thanks in advance.


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Hi - thank you for your reply. I should have thought of that. It's obviously easier to write such parts with a pencil than a typesetter. I'm not sure now how I can fix this problem, except perhaps adding extra voices in the treble part and making some of the notes invisible. (And this is only measure 3 of 74...) Thanks again.

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