Embeds suddenly are not connecting

• Mar 4, 2023 - 22:44

I've been building a wordpress site for 5 years,while embedding my unlisted scores.
Suddenly Cloudflare has interferred with the process.
It persistently tries to check the connection and eventually fails.
All of my iframes are now dead. "Connection Refused"! (grey frown face placeholders)

I use Cloudflare for my own site, and it appears that Musescore.com has set it to High security mode?

Even when I log directly into Musescore.com, or try to upload a score,
I have to "prove I'm Human", even upon immediate refresh!

This can't be happening!
Please Help!

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Thanks Jojo,
I did so.
I get no replies there.

The issue with Embeds seems to be getting worse.
On 3 different mobile devices, they no longer even appear with placeholders.
On PC, Chrome, and Incognito, I get grey placeholders, unless I refresh my login page
within seconds. Which also always involves a Cloudflare interruption interaction.

Setting aside the embed issue, it is also disrupting uploads, and even just login to musescore.

A month ago, I would be able to stay logged in, indefinitely.

What can I do? Who can I reach out to?
Thanks, Jojo

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