MIDI Import issues (MuseScore 4.0.1)

• Mar 6, 2023 - 23:45

I'm trying to import a MIDI file, and some rythms in tuplets are not imported properly.

This is how bar 4 is imported in MuseScore:

And this is the same bar in MidiPlay (https://chrishills.org.uk/ChrisHills/midiplay/)

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I understand that MIDI is an audio file, and MuseScore tries it's best to convert it into a score.

Some triplets are properly identified, but it gets a bit messy with others. Other programs, like midiplay, are recognizing all triplets without problem.

I hope this can help to improve the MIDI import process.

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Yes, MidiPlay, as name suggests, is just good por playing midi files, but it does not have any support for import/export to other file types.

Finale and flat.io, for example, also fail to detect the triplets.
Sibelius, in the other hand, does recognize them properly:

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