No sax fingering support for MuseScore 4?

• Mar 7, 2023 - 19:45

Since upgrading to MS 4 I've found that none of the sax fingering plugins I know of work any longer.

Is there a fix or workaround for this?



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Thanks for your help with this, but I can't get any of these to work on my MacBook Pro.

I've downloaded and added them to the MS 4 plugins folder, launched MS 4 and enabled them. I then go into a piece of music, highlight the music and click on Plugins > Alto sax, but no fingerings appear.

I suppose I'll just work with the diagram I downloaded for my new beginner student and take things from there.

But again, thanks for your help.


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I'll have to answer in two parts:

  1. Not in the first instance as the download on the download page doesn't include a font.

If a font needs to be installed, shouldn't that be included with the download?

  1. I did check my fonts, however, and can confirm that I have the saxy font installed (TTF). I even went back and installed it again, quit MS 4, restarted and reloaded the file in question, but it still doesn't give me sax fingerings (or anything), when I choose that plugin from the plugins menu.

Or is there some special trick that needs to be performed to get this to work?

All I've done is load the file I need fingerings for, highlighted all the notes, and then clicked on Plugins > Saxophone fingers > Alto, but this does exactly nothing.


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If a font needs to be installed, shouldn't that be included with the download?
Well no, the readme it links too does mention the need to iunstall that Saxy font

Is the plugin still asking for the font, regardles of you having it installed?

Have a sample score for me to test?

i tried all sax plugins with muscore 4 no one ist working ! Now i have Version 4 and 3 on my system ! Can anyone write a working plugin for Muscore 4 (sopran, alto, tenor bariton sax) ??? Please help us !!

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