4/4 only has 7 eighth rests

• Mar 8, 2023 - 09:24

As I was working on my score, at a certain point 4/4 effectively became 7/8. I cannot fix this. I tried to readjust the time signature to no avail. I have tried to work around this issue by conforming to this apparent glitch, but it's just too confusing. Beyond a certain point, it resumed 4/4 with all the proper eighth rests. Please advise further.

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Measure 32? See that little dash at its top right? It indicates the measure to have lest beats than the time sig asks for.
Right-click into it and adjust the actual duration to match the nominal duration

You may have deleted an eighth note or a rest by pressing Ctrl-Del. This not only deletes the note but also shortens the measure. Use 'Del' only.

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