How to edit the title and composer etc

• Mar 11, 2023 - 11:28

I created my first new score and it was given the title "Untitled Score".
I tried to change it to the real title using
File/Project Properties/Work title etc
This was accepted, but in the score itself, it still says "Untitled Score".
I searched the Handbook but couldn't find a mention of this.
It is MuseScore 4.
Thanks for any help.


On your score's topmost vertical frame before the music, you can double-click into the text box of Title, Subtitle, Composer or Lyricist and immediately edit the text there.

After initial score creation in MS4, the link between Project Properties > Work title (and Composer or Lyricist) and the text in the title frame's fields is unfortunately broken, so you have to update in two places. The same problem exists in MS3.

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