Cannot cut and paste in local time signature (MS 4)

• Mar 12, 2023 - 20:22

Created a local time signature (2/2) over global (6/8). Cannot cut and paste measures within the local time signature. Seems like this should work and not be a limitation.
See attached file.

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Local_time_signature.mscz 24.49 KB


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I am not yet familiar with Github, so I can only suggest the following:
1. Float the idea initially here in the Feature request forum - which you have done. Ideally some people will chip in with further ideas, suggestions and support.
2. When the proposal is firmed up, you can create a new Feature request on Github here:

And because it's a Suggestion rather than an Issue (bug), you should make that clear in the title, by starting with [MU4 Suggestion]. See this example feature request titled "[MU4 Suggestion] Change shape of mouse cursor on tabs/title bar of detachable panels to make clear that they can be detached ":

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