File Corrupted - 0/1 Measure?

• Mar 13, 2023 - 17:48

This file has been corrupted for a while, but with the new update I can actually see exactly what went wrong. For several instruments, mostly tuba, trombone, and snare, some of the measures in their individual parts seem to be... gone? In the full score it's completely fine, but when I look at their parts specifically, those 0/1 measures are entirely empty. When trying to figure out how to fix them, playing the broken measures or trying to add notes to them crashes musescore. So... here's hoping I don't have to restart!

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dearhunter.mscz 122.77 KB


I fixed this on my own score by inserting measures before and after the 0/1 measure in one of the part scores and selecting around it and deleting the whole chunk with Ctrl+Del Screenshot 2023-03-20 180742.png

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