Bug: Recurring notes not played

• Mar 14, 2023 - 23:27

Musescore 4 playback skips playing recurring notes (see example image, notes in red are skipped).
The notes in red are skipped because the same notes are already played with the other hand, but earlier in the same measure.
musescore bug.png
Musescore version 4.0.2 on Windows 11 v22H2.


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Thanks for replying! Not to be that kind of person but, you could strike the same key again - if you use the pedal. How else are you supposed to write a chord chime out the whole measure and then repeat the keys? When looking at other software such as Sibelius, these notes are played without any issue - and I would believe Musescore 3 does that aswell. Musescore 4 has such a great playback sound, it would be sad if it couldn't play all notes...

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