Windows desktop access

• Mar 15, 2023 - 14:43

I recently downloaded the first update to MuseScore 4. I am suddenly unable to return to my regular Windows desktop. The close/reduce icons typically in the upper right corner are gone and roving the mouse at the bottom no longer brings up my Windows toolbar. I have to quit the MuseScore project to get back to my desktop. Any thoughts on this?


I have the same problem after installing the MS 4.02 update on Win 10 22H2 with latest updates on an Acer TM 8473 TG Laptop. F11 or the windows button are workarounds to regain access to windows, but it is still a bug, since you can run MS only as fullscreen app, not in a windows of reduced size aside of other apps. Any ideas how to fix this are welcome, Thanks

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