Unregistered_user "account" archiving my scores, but why publicly? Please just delete them along with the deleted account.

• Mar 16, 2023 - 13:15


I deleted my other account in 2020-ish to avoid copyright issues with my arrangements. I was creating illegal arrangements of anime and pop songs because I was young, dumb, and immature (I mean I still am. Maybe not the young anymore). (Evidence: https://whoopsie-arrangements-yeboi.weebly.com/y-accounts.html) On a whim, I searched one of my scores because I saw an e-mail pop up. Now I am seeing the deleted account's scores listed under "unregistered_user". Because it is accessible, people are taking them and reuploading/stealing parts of the arrangement. When I deleted my account, I expected my scores to also be wiped. Why are they archived publicly?

Evidence of archive:

Evidence of stealing:
https://musescore.com/user/38235231/scores/5196595 - original — I remember being so proud of transcribing the bassline.
https://musescore.com/user/36401022/scores/7836329 — taken and they changed a few octave ranges and took off some embellishments. Much of the harmonies, notation, and crunches made the same.


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Not in the ToS but in Ethical Behavior I could make a case: https://musescore.com/our-ethical-line

"breach of personal security" since many of the copyrights I didn't change from all rights reserved, so a deletion of account should include the things in the account.

"unauthorized copying of other people's compositions and passing them off as own compositions" now some unregistered user has it and others can take it.

And then the community guidelines; https://musescore.com/community-guidelines
"Don’t share anything publicly that you don’t have the right to." I would have gotten that account suspended anywyas for uploading the illegal arrangements.

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Every shred of my content is given away freely - only requiring a Creative Commons attribution. HOWEVER, to download my content off ms.COM, a 'Pro' account is required. Which means money is paid to MS by many participants. If a subscriber does not specifically remove their content, and then deletes their account, MS is benefiting monetarily by this 'policy' of not removing a subscriber's content WITH their account.

I don't like that.

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In the past, my work was privatized for copyright reasons, possibly because the creator or publisher stumble upon my arrangements in the past. They also did not give me a notice for that, but since then, I have been wary. I deleted my account and privatized many of my American score arrangements (my email was public) because one publisher did infact warn me about my arrangement shortly before I deleted my account.

Nowhere does it say MS will keep or delete scores along with the account termination, but it also doesn't give much background into where the scores and your data will go. Since a lot of services delete your data when you delete your account, I thought Musescore would, too. Look at #2 Data storage, retention, and deletion. The content is not isolated, it is public. MS brought up no legal issues, so they should not be storing my data.

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"Since a lot of services delete your data when you delete your account, I thought Musescore would, too."

I would say most in fact don't, and that especially applies to partners, current and former, who may be retaining your data long after you cease to have a business arrangement with them. Those are often the site of privacy breaches - notified a year or so after the breach has happened(!). I've had two such notifications this year.

Also where your data goes once it's hosted on Yandex is anyones' guess, section 3.1 of the privacy statement notwithstanding. Russia doesn't give a shit about foreign IP.

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Whether or not data is retained locally, it is 100% the norm that deleting an account removes all content made from that account from public view. Imagine if you deleted your YouTube account and all your videos were still there, or you deleted your Facebook or Twitter and all your posts were still there.

I'd be more inclined to assume MuseScore screwed up than that they intentionally wanted to keep content from accounts which no longer exist.

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