unintentionally overwritten my score...any way to get back older storage...?

• Mar 16, 2023 - 17:28

Muse score 4:
i`ve unintentionally overwritten my score...is there any way to get back my previous storage...?
thanks a lot!


You may look in a folder called .msbackup which on Windows is in a location like this:

The .msbackup folder is a hidden folder by default, so you may have to make it visible through File Explorer or its equivalent.

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what i found is a file with a dot on the beginning of its name and some wave sign at the end:

.want you to be free guitar.mscz~

i can't open it...it says it's corrupt...??? this is where it's located on my pc...

F:\daten\daten rudi\musikprojekte\P4ULY.mscbackup.mscbackup

In addition to the good advice you received here, I wanted to mention that I configured my Scores (mscz) files to use a Dropbox folder. Dropbox keeps a detailed history of each file change and has saved my bacon MULTIPLE times.

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