Question re note entry for 4 voice SATB

• Mar 16, 2023 - 22:47


I'm new to Musescore and I'm exploring how to use 4 voices on a grand staff for typical SATB exercises.

For some reason, as you can see in the attached file, a whole rest appears when I've completed entering all 4 voices. When I click on the rest it shows that it's associated with voice 1, but voice 1 has two half notes, which it should in 4/4 time. I'm sure it's something minor but I'm puzzled as to how to resolve this.

Thx for any assistance!
~ Kevin J.

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SATB test.mscz 15.35 KB


I figured it out. I'd didn't realize that for the bass clef, you again use voice 1 and 2 for tenor and bass, instead of voice 3 and 4. A rookie error.

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