MS4 lags horribly when i input notes and sound is laggy too( Medium-big score. But my notebook is powerful enough. I7, 12gb ram.

• Mar 18, 2023 - 11:21


I have the EXACT Problem. I am curious as to why there is such a long delay to just selecting stuff. I mean that when I, say, want to add a cresc. to a specific note, when I click on that certain note, it takes like 5 seconds before registering. My CPU is an intel i7 with @ 2.90 GHz and I have 16GB of ram. (15.7 usable).
Also I had this one off bug that made MS4 just suddenly play a random dissonant noise. (Like the sound of a cat jumping on the keys around the middle C area and staying there for 5 seconds straight.) I am forced to use MS3.6 at the moment. I liked it when I could handle it as obviously I had to use it before there was lag, but now it became unbearable. (I don't have any footage of the bug as it was just a one-off)

The more you can fine tune your audio settings, the shorter the lag.
Even so, you don't always have to wait. If you want to delete something, you can select it and hit delete. It will happen. Same with Play and several other functions.

I've had this same issue since switching to MS4. Actually, I noticed that the window will occasionally freeze (title says "Not responding") while I'm not even using the app, i.e. it happened once while I was writing this message. I wonder if it's stuck doing some IO it shouldn't be doing on the main thread or something.

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