A problem never experienced before

• Mar 18, 2023 - 16:24

I am working on a piece in MS 4.0.2.
Since it is supposed to be neoBaroque, it obviously needs some ornaments, it begins with a note with a grace note attached to it, the grace note does not play, then later on, I added two mordents on top of two notes, they did not execute initially, so I looked if they were set to execute, which they were, and I also switched to let them execute Baroque style.
When I let the piece play back, all of a sudden, the mordents did play back, but how....
They just blasted out, and the traverso ( the part where they occur) seemed to hang and just carried on sounding.

I have never experienced something like that. My ornaments and grace notes have never refused to play and they have never shown that kind of behaviour.
I'll attach the score (the part I managed to do, anyway).

If anyone knows a solutio, Id be very grateful.

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Spelletje voor fluit en continuo.mscz 29.16 KB

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