My Musescore 4 score will not open

• Mar 19, 2023 - 15:45

My Musescore 4 score will not open -- whenever I try opening the score 'Somewhat finished song 1 - updated 1.mscz', Musescore 4 crashes and closes.
I tried opening the backups and a message came up saying 'Somewhat finished song 1 - updated 1.mscz~ is corrupted and cannot be opened'.
I have used 2 VST3 plugins: BBC SO and DearVR (I cannot remember the actual name of it but it is a 4D audio plug-in and the name is similar to the one I have just stated -- if you search up free 4D audio plugins, this will come up)

Please help -- I do not want to start again

Somewhat finished song 1 - updated 1.mscz

*it will not let me upload the backup but here is the score

Here is a similar score, this is not fully completed unlike the other one but it experiences the same issues -- it will only take me a few minutes to get this one as up to date as the other one so if you can get this working it would be greatly appreciated
Somewhat finished song 1.mscz

If it can be fixed, please tell me how, if not, please tell me what I should do


Strange. Which version of MuseScore 4 are you using?

When I opened _"Somewhat finished song 1 - updated 1.mscz" in MS 4.0.2, it opened without any warnings or errors. But the score is very incomplete: most staves are still empty.

The attached .mxl file is a version in Compressed MusicXML format, which opens fine in MS3 and MS4.

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