Swing playback not working

• Mar 19, 2023 - 21:09

The subject says it all. I have entered "Swing" at the beginning of the score from the tempo palette. I CTRL-clicked on "Swing" to turn on the swing eight notes option in System Text Properties. However, it is still not working.

Are there any optional sound support files that I would need for the swing playback to work? Perhaps I did a basic install without all playback options? (I am not sure)

Thanks for any help. The unfinished score is attached.

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Soulful Mr. Timmons.mscz 40.01 KB


To be clear. Playback is working normally, but all eighth notes are playing back as straight. Very annoying in a shuffle with a mix of triplets and what should be swing eighth notes.

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Huh. Strange.
It does seem to be working correctly now.

That is very strange. But thanks. I am glad it is working now.

Oh wait. I think I am starting to understand my confusion, and a lingering issue. When I turn the chord playback back on, the chords attached to upbeats are not swinging.

To sound more like a shuffle (and for further testing) I increased the swing percentage to 66%. Now I'm getting two different up beats, one (I believe) is from the written eighth notes and the other is from the chords that are attached to upbeats.

Is it normal that the swing feel affects the written notes, but not the chord symbol playback? If so, is there a workaround? Or is the only option to simply turn off the chord symbol playback option?

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