Chord symbol playback doesn't follow swinged eights

• Jun 9, 2020 - 12:09
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S4 - Minor
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First of all, thanks a whole bunch for a feature I've been wanting for a several years.

Chord playback doesn't follow shuffled eights, thus the chord playback sounds off in a swinged tune.

To reproduce, create chords on an off-beat in a bar where swinged eights is enabled. I have also attached a file demonstrating the issue.

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That's much more by design rather than a bug (but even if a bug, I don't think it'd be Major), so would rather be a "Suggestion" to get swing playback implemented for chord symbols

Sorry, my english is too bad to say what i have to. So i say it in french:
Le problème se pose aussi avec les articulations ce qui donne un rendu assez bizarre sur un accent par exemple. Le volume augmente avant la note . Je sais que le rendu n'est pas la priorité mais j'espère que le problème sera traité dans la prochaine version. Un grand bravo quand même pour ce logiciel qui s'améliore toujours :-)

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Google translate:

"The problem also arises with the joints which gives a rather bizarre rendering on an accent for example. The volume increases before the note. I know that rendering is not the priority but I hope that the problem will be addressed in the next version. A big congratulations anyway for this software that is always improving :-)"

Reported version 3.5 4.x-dev

Hello everybody,

I highly appreciate that you've created an update for MuseScore 4 with the goal to solve lots of bugs and issues, but I see, that chord symbol playback in swing style still doesn't work. That's a pity. I just wanted to bring it to your attention that this problem still exists.


Reported version 3.5 4.0

Just wanted to add that I have also experienced this issue. I am trying audio playback of chord symbols for the first time and ran into this issue almost immediately.