Key changes are not updated in selected part(s)

• Mar 20, 2023 - 11:21

I rewrite the work that contains more staffs for singers and instrumentalists. Due to the easier intake of the text, at one point I separated the singing section into a special part. This is how I save written and this part in the second tab opens when new loading.

In the work the keys / key signatures are changed several times. Now I noticed that the changes to the keys in the main score was not automatically entered in the separated part. It would be good for this to be automatically updated.

If I newly select part now, all the changes of keys are correctly presented. If the keys changes are not updated automatically, it means that I would have to select parts again each time to have the correct changes in the key.


I have a similar issue. After creating a new part, all parts in the main score changed to concert pitch and I can't seem to find a way to reverse it ... the concert pitch button is not working any longer and crtl Z isn't doing anything. very annoying

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