Ornaments and Accidentals - Musescore 4

• Mar 20, 2023 - 16:49

I can't seem to figure out how to add an accidental to an ornament. For example, if I insert a trill and want the note above the written note to be flattened, usually I would write a flat above the "tr" symbol. How do I go about this in Musescore 4? I took a gander in forums and the handbook to no avail.


For some reason it's not in the handbook, but I found you can add accidentals above the trills with the lines, tr~~~. It doesn't work with the ones without the squiggly line (sorry don't know the technical term). Also, it only seems to work with the accidentals from the palette, not the toolbar. Finally, doesn't seem to work for the turns either (sideways "S").

So, a workaround is you can use the tr~~~ and then use the control box on the element to make the line zero length.

Also, you can then move the accidental to below the trill if you want.

Unfortunately, these accidentals aren't used during playback.

Hopefully, support for accidentals (and playback) for ornaments could eventually be added to the feature backlog, this is a very common notation in classical music.

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