Can't figure out how to get this triplet to fit into one measure

• Mar 21, 2023 - 01:27

I can only figure out how to get two sixteenth notes instead of four.


I'm no expert, however something seems strange about your original score.

First, I don't think it's two 8th triplets followed by 4 notes in the space of one triplet (that would be notated differently) - see #2. I think it's two 8th triplets followed by 2 sixteenths in the last triplet and then another triplet in the space of the last sixteenth - see #1.

See my attached image #1 for how I did it.

Start with a regular triplet, then add two 16ths on the last triplet note, then insert (Ctrl+3) another triplet on the last 16th. Then you can adjust the brackets and split the beams.

I'm not sure the notation in the original score is technically correct. However, could you send a bigger screenshot with several measures and also the time signature? Also, it helps sometimes to see the staffs below for the spacing of the notes in time. That might help to understand what the composer intended.

The other interpretation is you could put a quadruplet (Ctrl+4) on the last note of the original triplet (but MuseScore will correctly use 32nd notes) - see #2.

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Solved it! The notation is correct in your original score and MuseScore.
It's a regular triplet across one quarter note, with two sub-triplets on the 2nd and 3rd triplets.
The second is broken into an eighth followed by one 16 and the third is three 16th note triplets.

It was much clearer when I saw the engraved score where they do their best to align things in time.

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