Website audio is not musescore 4 audio

• Mar 22, 2023 - 10:02

Do ms4 scores uploaded to the website use ms3 audio, aka does the website support ms4 midi yet? Uploaded a piece and the dynamics sounded really out of whack (in ms4 the cymbal roll was really quiet, on the online score it was overbearing) and the midi sounds different


Largely from observation & vague mentions online (about this topic), I believe the Mu.COM website uses an "audio rendering engine" that is either Mu3.6.2-based, or Mu4.0.x-based. Thus, what version of SCORE you upload, that determines what rendering engine gets used for online playback.

Not sure what you mean - "ms4 midi". MIDI is not a MuseScore 'thing'. It is a specification, and all Mu programs know about the specification. The only files the Mu.COM website will operate on are Mu scores, not MIDI files.

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My bad if the technical terms are wrong, I'm not familiar with them. I've uploaded a musescore 4 file but when listening online it seems to play as if it were a musescore 3 score (eg. dynamics are off and cymbal roll is from mu3), and I've downloaded muse sounds woodwinds and percussion but it sounds like the mu3 ones are still playing. Not sure if it'd be any help but I've attached the score I'm referencing, and here's the link to the online version: (specifically clarinet at the start and cymbal at bar 23).

It's a very minor issue to me and I'm not pressed about it, just wondering if those sounds are meant to be reflected in the online score.

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Looks like you've gotten far enough to assign 2 MuseSounds instruments (red boxes in graphic). The remaining instruments use MS-Basic sounds (purple boxes in graphic).

Your comment above "it sounds like the mu3 ones are still playing" applies (I think) to all the MS-Basic sounds in your score. I think many would say the mu3 sounds and the mu4 'MS-Basic' sounds are fairly equivalent.

To your ears, how does your piece sound if you switch the cymbal & clarinet back to MS-Basic instruments?

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