adding instruments after score has been finished

• Mar 23, 2023 - 11:29

I've just completed a score, and decided after I printed it that I needed an extra part. I added the part, but it won't come up when I select instruments and try to print it. Help


Which version of MuseScore are you using?

For MS3: Edit > Instruments, and check that the Visible checkbox for the "missing" instrument is enabled.

For MS4 (the newest version): View > Instruments, and check that the "missing" instrument has not been hidden. On this score, the Piano part has been hidden:

... and if you don't see your extra instrument on the Instruments list, then you missed a step in adding it to the score with the Add screen.
For example:
- you did not use the right-arrow button to add the instrument to your score
- you did not click OK after adding your extra instrument with the right-arrow

Final check (MS4): did you test with the Parts button to see whether your missing instrument is in the list of Parts? If it is, then you can open the instrument part, export as PDF and print from the PDF.

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